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Meet the team

Juan C. Botero


With over 10 years of leadership and engineering experience, the visionary founder of Main 12 LLC drives innovation, growth, and excellence. Delivering cutting-edge solutions globally, their strategic leadership propels the company forward, ensuring Main 12 remains at the forefront of the engineering sector.

Paulina Ferrer

Marketing expert

passionate marketing expert thrives on elevating brands to their peak performance, reveling in the process of making them shine. With a fervent commitment to the art of marketing, they bring a wealth of expertise to optimize brand visibility and resonance. Their dedication lies in crafting compelling strategies that resonate with audiences, ensuring brands not only stand out but also thrive in their respective markets.

Carlos A Garcia

The crazy engineer

Meet our ingenious engineer, a true maverick in the field. Renowned for thinking outside the box, they consistently conjure up unconventional and groundbreaking ideas that defy norms. Their creativity knows no bounds, challenging conventional thinking and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. A trailblazer in innovation, this engineer transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, consistently surprising and inspiring those around them.

Julian Ferrer

The financial number guy.

Introducing our astute financial expert, a pivotal force in safeguarding the fiscal well-being of our organization. Armed with extensive financial acumen, they deftly navigate complexities, overseeing budgeting, financial planning, and strategic management. Their vital role extends to playing a key part in the preparation of business project plans for our clients. With keen analytical skills, attention to detail, and dedication, they contribute significantly to sound decision-making, ensuring financial stability and propelling sustainable growth.

Salomon Orrego

Tecnology leader

Introducing our experienced engineer, a dynamic force with a proven track record in the information technology and services industry. Specializing in software development and testing across multiple technologies, they bring expertise in NodeJs, NestJs, Docker, PostgreSQL, Cypress, Jest, and more. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their proficiency in mathematics and English. Beyond technical prowess, they participated in the 2015 World Solar Challenge, achieving 9th place with the Colombian team EPM-EAFIT, showcasing a unique blend of engineering skills and a passion for innovation.

Juan J Ramirez

Strategy planer

Meet our versatile Strategy Planner and Operation Leader, the mastermind behind seamlessly aligning organizational goals with strategic initiatives. With a keen understanding of business dynamics, they craft and execute effective strategies that drive operational efficiency. Their leadership ensures smooth day-to-day operations while strategically positioning the company for long-term success. A strategic visionary, they navigate challenges, optimize processes, and inspire teams to achieve excellence, making them an indispensable force in steering our organization toward its objectives.